SILVERLAKE Architectural GEM

SILVERLAKE Architectural GEM

Silver Lake neighborhood is the Indie capital of Los Angeles. It’s cool and ultra hip atmosphere garners a cult following. This unique community features some of the city’s most lauded coffee shops and farmer’s markets, a booming arts scene and one of the largest creative class communities in the country.  It felt natural for our team to design a Proto Residence that would reflect the cool vibe of the neighborhood, yet still be architecturally  simple. Our latest Proto Project is located on a quiet Cul de Sac Street in the hills of the Silver Lake with sweeping views of the downtown Los Angeles.

This Architectural masterpiece, designed by Rodney Cudmore is a fresh take on a duplex concept with a large unit in front, featuring an open floor plan, dramatic staircase and an abundance of natural light. The smaller unit in the back is a 2 story loft that would be a perfect fit for an artist. Of course, being a Proto Home, Kodak Residence features our patented Proto Core (universal infrastructural appliance) that houses all the utilities of the house, allowing easy access for repairs, future upgrade-ability and energy efficiency.

This was the fifth project that Proto Team did for our client/developer Justin and we hope to work with him in the future. Kodak Duplex is now available for rent and we expect it to find new tenants very soon.

The rhythm of the rich metallic cladding, and deep angular roof lines activate a sense of forward movement and optimism.

Here is what Rodney Cudmore, Kodak project Architect has to say about his latest masterpiece:

“The rhythm of the rich metallic cladding, and deep angular roof lines activate a sense of forward movement and optimism.

Interior spaces are luxuriously large and open with dramatic variations in ceiling height.

The material palette utilizes modern materials and patterns, including carbon fiber and anodized aluminum, to compliment the progressive lifestyle of the neighborhood.”


Founded in 2007 by Frank Vafaee, Proto Homes is a Los Angeles-based innovative prefab company whose mission is to provide consumers with modern, sustainable, smart homes at an affordable price. Proto Homes™ utilizes a patent-pending ICBS Technology (Integrated Component Based System) that reduces construction cost and time by 35%, yet allows for personal customization and flexibility.  Their homes are buildable within three to five months and feature open floor plan, soaring ceilings, Proto Core™ (Patented Central Utility Engine), replaceable exterior cladding, luxury quality finishes, and integrated smart home technologies for convenient and comfortable living.





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