Why Prefab Is Perfect for Los Angeles

Prefab homes made in LA perfect for american homeowners

Why Prefab Is Perfect for Los Angeles

Los Angeles home prices have been soaring for years, with today’s median home price climbing close to $1 million. According to prominent real estate aggregator Zillow, median prices in the area have nearly doubled since January 2012.

All signs point to even higher climbs in the near future. Bidding wars have ensured that even when the rest of the nation saw a steep decline in real estate prices, a home here in LA remained extravagant. Over the next 12 months, Zillow predicts a 12.1% rise in home values.

Despite its notorious commute and other hassles, Los Angeles remains the city of choice for a new generation of rising professionals, executives, and growing families. But, the barriers to entry are getting higher, and homeowners need to think creatively to make smart, savvy decisions.

The future of homes – especially here in Los Angeles – is prefab.

A modern prefabricated home from Proto Homes fits Angelenos’ lifestyle to a T.

Compared to new construction, prefabricated homes:

  • Are more sustainable and benefit from low environmental impact
  • Can provide a unique and modern aesthetic
  • Offer far greater longevity and help you care for future generations
  • Are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and move-in ready in months

Plus, California’s recent changes to laws governing accessory dwellings have made it easier than ever to put a prefabricated dwelling on land with existing construction, so homeowners looking to expand – for example, to accommodate teens or grandparents – also have options.

That makes prefab attractive for a range of housing situations, not just first-time residents looking to move into a new home. Prefab structures are helping upscale buyers who have a firm vision of luxury avoid the effects of the Los Angeles housing crunch.

When you choose Proto Homes, you’ll discover:

Prefabricated Homes Are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Proto Homes uses replaceable materials all throughout the structure. High quality engineered lumber lets us stay focused on sustainable construction methods that cut waste and ensure that natural resources are available for many years to come.

Our modular prefab homes emphasize essentials in both concept and execution. Our experienced engineers have crafted top-light and bottom-heavy structures that are built to last, while using significantly less material than comparable prefabricated residences.

Prefabricated Homes Are Stylish, Modern, and Beautiful

Today’s prefab homes are nothing like the spartan structures that were first sold out of a Sears catalog way back in the early 1900s. Each Proto Homes prefab home is an architectural vision, that includes sleek, bold lines, a host of floor plan options, and airy ceilings.

Prefabricated Homes Are Long-Lasting: Up to 300 Years

Proto Homes are crafted from the ground up to minimize or eliminate the problems that damage a home over time – adding longevity while subtracting complexity. Our unique approach to the building’s outer envelope makes it impervious to leaks.

Not only that, but are revolutionary Proto Core™ ensures it’s easier than ever to access all the infrastructure that makes your house a home. Professionals can diagnose and fix problems with electric, plumbing, temperature control, and more, without even setting foot in your living space.

Prefabricated Homes Are More Affordable and Efficient

Proto Homes’ proprietary prefabricated building envelope cuts construction costs 50% thanks to integrated processes. Reduced maintenance means long-term cost of ownership is far lower, so you won’t be finding yourself “house poor” after making your big move.

All these features make prefab homes perfect for Los Angeles – for the environment, your bank account, and your comfort.

To learn more from the prefab home experts in Los Angeles, get in touch with us. We’re experts in Los Angeles prefab, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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