Today’s Prefab Homes Far Exceed Homeowners Expectations

Homeowners now turning to Proto Homes for prefab affordable homes

Today’s Prefab Homes Far Exceed Homeowners Expectations

Prefab homes have come a long, long way since the mail-order homes of the past.

No matter the details, the basic idea of a prefabricated home is simple: The components of the building, or the entire building itself, is manufactured at a central facility, then driven to the final site. Once at the final location, they are assembled on the spot and/or affixed to the land.

Prefab homes have a longer and much richer history than most homeowners realize. From Thomas Edison to Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier, luminaries in engineering and architecture have always been attracted to their amazing potential.

For decades, experts have realized prefabricated homes could be versatile and cost-effective.

When most people think of prefab, though, the word that often comes to mind is … practical.

And, indeed, a good prefabricated home is practical in all the best ways:

  • Construction costs can be anywhere from 30% to 50% lower than a comparable home.
  • A new prefabricated home can be complete and ready for move-in within months (especially true if you buy a Proto Home).
  • Once it’s complete, a prefab home can be much easier to adjust to changing needs and tastes later on.

With all these perks, though, the vision some homeowners have of prefab is less than kind.

Prefab’s journey in America took off around 1908. Sears – then Sears, Roebuck and Co. – sold about 75,000 total prefab homes between 1908 and 1940, many of which still exist here in Los Angeles. Buyers could choose from nearly 450 styles, ranging from multi-story homes to cozy cottages.

This launched thousands of people into the middle class by making a home more attainable.

Since then, the image of prefab has changed. Many homeowners might think of smaller, less stylish “trailers.” But that’s only a tiny fraction of today’s vibrant prefabricated home market.

Prefabricated Homes Are at the Vanguard of Luxury for Today’s Savvy Consumer

Proto Homes designs and delivers prefabricated homes that achieve more because we have let go of the past and set our eyes on the future, with a focus on future-looking technologies aimed at longevity.

Buyers seeking out a sumptuous experience that fits their lifestyle, have consistently found themselves surprised – and delighted – by what a good prefab home has to offer.

Here are some of what they’re discovering here in Los Angeles and around the country.

A Prefab Home Makes Home Ownership That Much Easier

Owning a home is an adventure – and often, a challenge. In a conventional home, it can seem like there’s always something that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Some of these problems are so serious, they can compromise not just your comfort, but the safety that a home should offer. And they can cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

The key problem with the average home isn’t that there’s a new issue every day (although it can seem that way). Rather, it’s that so many problems pile up that either go unnoticed or can’t be diagnosed. Infrastructure, like plumbing and electrical systems, is out of sight, out of mind.

With our proprietary ProtoCore™ technology, recognizing problems with your home’s infrastructure and actually solving them is vastly easier.

Plumbing, temperature control, electrical systems, and more are all found in one central location so that experts can diagnose issues and fix them before they turn into emergencies.

That saves time and money, but also aggravation, making homeownership much more fun and relaxing. And if you’re a DIYer, you’ll certainly find your home life a lot easier.

A Prefab Home Lasts Longer Than the Average House

When you buy a home, you want it to last.

A home should stand as a testament to your hard work and a place where you make memories – now and, perhaps, for the next generation. But, even though homes are positioned as the single best investment you can make, they often don’t perform that way.

It’s a simple fact: A lot of today’s construction won’t stand up long-term.

With current construction standards, the average home lasts about 30 years or so before things start falling apart. However, most homes were never held to those standards. About 8% of today’s housing stock was built between 2000 and 2005, and about 36% of all homes in the United States were built before 1960, long before any of today’s standards were actually in place. That’s one reason why, for example, homeowners still need to be alert to the potential dangers of lead paint and asbestos.

And if you have to sell your home early, there’s no telling how the market will treat you.

Proto Homes prefabs are meant to withstand the passing of centuries. They can last 300 years or even more thanks to cutting-edge construction techniques and a building envelope that is designed to never leak. Not now, not ever! In effect, we’ve engineered away the hazards that do lasting damage to a home.

A Modern Prefab Home Should Never Look Like It Came “Out of the Box”

Even back in the olden days, prefab homes from the best creators already had hundreds of different options. With help from new technology and a new vision, today’s prefabricated homes go even further: They are never limited to someone else’s idea of what your home should be like.

The Proto Homes approach is simple: We give you a rock solid structure, weatherproof outer envelope, and centralized infrastructure that’s easy to maintain. What you do with the inside is entirely up to you – but our engineering makes your home versatile and customizable.

Homebuyers who aren’t quite sure about prefab have consistently pointed to our ultra-high ceilings (up to 24 feet) as a factor they never imagined prefab could offer them.

Another aspect that prefab makes simpler: Adjusting your home to your future needs. Anyone who’s ever had to knock down an interior wall in a traditional single-family house knows what a nightmare it can be. With prefab, you can move the wall with minimal effort, something DIYers could take on themselves.

For Los Angeles home buyers, today’s prefab goes well beyond expectations.

To learn more about how we exceed our homeowners expectations, check out our prefab homes today.

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