Exciting New Partnership Press Release

Pardee Properties + Proto Homes + Core Vision

Exciting New Partnership Press Release


Pardee Properties is joining Proto Homes and developer Core Vision to unveil the latest in system-built homes. Unlike traditional stick-built homes constructed fully on-site using raw materials with imprecise results, Proto Houses employ factory-built components, expending a fraction of the time and resources. The Modern-style home, at 2521 Westwood Blvd. in West Los Angeles, is the first of at least four collaborations among the three pioneering firms. Three additional West L.A. homes will open in the next five months – in Brentwood, Mar Vista and Westwood – with more to follow next year.


“With Silicon Beach thriving, we see the huge potential for collaborating in our neighborhoods with Proto Homes and Core Vision,” said Pardee Properties Founder Tami Pardee. “Many of the area’s buyers are owner/users who desire a home that is easily customizable exactly to their needs, integrating smart technology with sustainability and contemporary architecture. They can now create their ideal home in under five months – a complete residence with all the spaces they may want, including office spaces.”


Tami Pardee is ranked as the #17 agent in the United States by Real Trends/Wall Street Journal. She and her team are the Westside market leaders at a time when tech and creative firms have boomed. Of the 684 tech firms in Los Angeles, 86 percent are now in West L.A., according to recent data by CBRE.


Pardee Properties, Proto Homes and Core Vision share the common ethos of precision and innovation. This is bound to be a game-changing partnership.

Proto Homes, at its factory in Downton Los Angeles, manufactures all the essential foundational, structural, infrastructural and architectural components of its houses. The components are assembled at the site and further customized. The result is an unparalleled precision that permeates every aspect of the house. Proto Houses are conceived with real features in mind: longevity, flexibility, upgradability, low maintenance, sustainability, efficiency and many more.


“For hundreds of years, the house narrative has remained unchanged. I think the number of bathrooms, hardwood floor and granite countertop conversation is getting old,” said Frank Vafaee, CEO and Founder of Proto Homes. “The new generation of home buyers is looking for real features and not abstract architectural concepts.  At the same time, the real estate market has evolved. Realtors, in order to succeed, must become informed consultants rather than second-hand goods merchants. Pardee Properties is the only company that embraces the new market demand for smarter homes. Pardee Properties, Proto Homes and Core Vision share the common ethos of precision and innovation. This is bound to be a game-changing partnership.”

Because of their inherent efficiencies, Proto Homes are sustainable. The “infrastructural engine” of every Proto House is its prefabricated Proto Core. It compiles the entire mechanical, electrical, plumbing & low voltage systems of the house into a centralized and accessible core, allowing easy access to the entire infrastructural system for any future upgrades or modifications.

Core Vision Capital, the developer, funds and directs the specifics of each project. Core Vision’s mission is to develop innovative and environmentally sustainable projects that would improve the neighborhood fabric.

Westwood Residence represents the best of elegant L.A. Modernism. This nearly 3,000 square feet home is filled with light and has an open-concept layout with hardwood and polished concrete floors. The four-bedroom, three-bath single-family home is listed at $1,987,000 and is currently in Escrow.


Pardee Properties is offering the home via the exclusive online access of Gilt City.

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