How Will Your Neighborhood React to a Prefab Home?

Proto homes talks of a neighborhood and prefab homes

How Will Your Neighborhood React to a Prefab Home?

What do you think of first when you think of a prefabricated home?

With modern prefab homes, chic central London and the fascinating, fast-paced neighborhoods of Tokyo are the order of the day. That’s right:


Prefab is showing up in the hottest cities in the world.

Visionary architects and designers are the minds behind the top prefab neighborhood homes on today’s market. They combine a spirit of eco-friendly minimalism with designs that are bold and super stylish.

Proto homes talks of a neighborhood and prefab homes
Source: / Atelier Tekuto / Makota Yoshida

At Los Angeles-based Proto Homes, we’ve taken global inspiration in our efforts to create a brand new reality for prefabricated homes – one worthy of a neighborhood in the City of Angels.

If you’re concerned your neighbors won’t care for your cutting-edge prefab home, just consider the amazing trends that are coming together to transform the face of prefab.

Here’s just three reasons your neighborhood should love your prefab home.

Prefab Is More Popular in Los Angeles Than Ever

Los Angeles is no stranger to the burgeoning high-end prefab industry.

Upscale prefab homes are rising in popularity as more people seek out the indulgence of a high-end home in their neighborhood without the hassle of a sprawling estate or the expense of a sea-side condo. Sleek, sophisticated designs are making prefab one of the fastest-growing residential categories in SoCal. It is proving you can do more with less, all without sacrificing the home of your dreams.

It’s not limited to LA, either. Lately, prefab has been making a splash in Silicon Valley, too. Prefab is quickly gaining recognition as the next wave of in-demand housing for the forward-thinking innovators of the Valley.

And that’s not all. If your housing situation is changing – say, welcoming a grandparent or giving teens their first taste of independence – prefab could be the perfect option for you.

Recently, Los Angeles encouraged the ongoing evolution of prefab with changes to laws around accessory dwelling units (ADUs).


In effect, it means that if you want to put a prefab structure on a property with an existing conventional home, it just got much easier.

Prefab homes have also been looked at as a potential solution to the housing crisis in Los Angeles. Recent research concluded that housing here is the most unaffordable in the country. Today’s Los Angeles housing market has median home prices creeping toward $1 million. Land is scarce and precious, too.

Prefab is emerging as a key to tomorrow’s flourishing communities.

Prefab Is the Next Wave of Housing in Top Cities

Prefab has much more storied pedigree than most people realize. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and thinkers such as R. Buckminster Fuller have all worked toward the goal of prefab housing with sustainability, longevity, and a special sort of beauty.

With the new technologies available to Proto Homes, their hopes are now a reality.

Prefabricated homes worthy of any good travelogue are showing up in diverse places as far-flung as Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

In Tokyo, prefabrication is a guiding principle for homes that are open and flexible in a city where space has always been at a premium.

In London, where housing prices have been driven up by consolidation of the finance industry, prefab is both a way to relieve a struggling housing market and give the next generation of rising professionals the opportunity to aspire to a custom home – complete with traditional British garden.

In short, anyone who looks askance at a prefab home in sunny Los Angeles is behind the times.

From Europe to Asia and beyond, the world’s greatest cities are embracing prefab. When you choose it for your next property, you’re a trendsetter striding boldly into the future.

And, of course …

With Proto Homes, Prefab Is Ultra-Luxe

Luxury living in Los Angeles means a lot of things: Sun, surf, and – ideally – a less-than-brutal commute. You want a home that helps you enjoy the mild climate and natural splendor. Prefab will expand your options for luxurious living you can be truly happy with.

With Proto Homes, you have the opportunity to enjoy many of the same amenities you’d expect from a million-dollar mansion. Engineering expertise has brought minimalism and efficiency to the design while making the space itself friendly, even lavish.

Here’s what you can expect from Proto Homes:

Ceilings That Soar to the Heavens

High ceilings help maximize space and add energy to the indoor-outdoor concepts Angelenos love. Because of the stability and structural integrity provided by unique ProtoCore technology, our prefab homes have some of the highest ceilings in the industry — up to 24 feet.

Limitless Configuration and Personalization

Many people think that true customization requires conventional new construction, but the truth is a bit different. Once a traditional house is built, it’s built. If you’ve ever had to knock out walls to get a structure to suit your changing needs, you know how much trouble it can be!

With a world-class prefabricated home, you have dozens of initial floor plans to choose from – and, over time, your home can evolve in countless ways. You’ll even be able to move many of your walls, reconfiguring your spaces easily no matter what you dream up next. Proto Homes houses are Built to Design, Built to Evolve and Built to Last.

World-Class Options and Amenities

Prefab is never “one size fits all.” Whether you want cool modernism or midcentury flair, you have the options you need inside and out. Roof decks, photovoltaic cells, and more are possible. Your new home matches the Los Angeles lifestyle that’s right for you.

And all this comes with no restrictions on how you choose to design, decorate, or build out the interior. Our goal is to provide you with excellence in structure, envelope, and infrastructure. What you do next is always up to you.

So, that’s the long answer to “How will my neighborhood react to a prefab home?”

The short answer:

You’ll love your new home, and your neighbors should, too!

With Proto Homes, you’ll see the difference in what a prefab home should be.

To find out more from our team right here in Los Angeles, contact us today.

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