Proto Core – Home Maintenance Made Simple

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Proto Core – Home Maintenance Made Simple

When it comes to a home’s cost of ownership, maintenance has long been considered the biggest factor.

Experts claim you should budget anywhere from 5% to 10% of the total value of the home for maintenance every single year. If these figures hold true, you can expect to grossly overspend just to keep your home livable.

If that seems like a remarkable amount to spend “just to keep things going,” you’re not alone.

In a previous post, we talked about the ways the Proto Homes concept improves the longevity of your home. Our objective is to provide you with a home that will remain comfortable and sound for over 300 years – and home maintenance is a major part of that effort.


Simple, Straightforward Maintenance is the Key to a Home’s Longevity

When a home starts to “fall apart,” maintenance issues become increasingly more frequent and costly.

Even in conventional homes, the structure is relatively strong and durable. That’s partly because, compared to the rest of the home’s other elements, it’s very simple. The systems that make a house run, however – such as electrical, climate control, and plumbing systems – are very complex.

Of course, sophisticated systems are what make our modern world possible. The dilemma comes in when you consider the poor level of planning that has gone into to the essential systems of your home. The older a home, the more inefficient and prone to issues its infrastructure tends to be.

Virtually all conventional homes suffer from one or more of these issues:

  • Infrastructural systems are distributed haphazardly throughout the building.
  • These systems are based on a number of old-fashioned, outdated technologies.
  • They are hard to access, found in the walls, floors, attic, and so on.


The emergence of new construction standards hasn’t changed this reality. Most homes on the market today are at least 30 years old – so these problems appear again and again.

All too frequently, homeowners have found themselves having to pay thousands of dollars in order to evolve the infrastructure of their home. It wasn’t that long ago that galvanized pipes had to be replaced with copper, or that asbestos had to be eliminated in order to make your home safe. Such major changes are time-consuming and expensive.

And what about common upsets and breakdowns? The truth is, many homeowners ignore them.

Issues that aren’t pressing, end up at the bottom of the priority list … out of sight and out of mind. That is until one of them turns into a disaster!

These mounting maintenance problems are among the main reasons why people give up on their home and decide to move. 

When you think about it, this lack of smart design is something we only “allow” when it comes to homes. Imagine if you couldn’t change the oil filter in your car – or you could do it, but you had to break the engine? That’s what having to tear down walls to repair infrastructure is like!

What’s the solution? At Proto Homes, we decided to make it easy to diagnose infrastructural issues before they become serious.

The result is the Proto Core.

The Proto Core is the “Beating Heart” of a Modern, Upgradeable Prefab Home

Changing the way people relate to the infrastructure of their home called for a completely new take on the underlying issue. After countless hours of R&D followed by years of real-world testing, feedback and refinement, we have perfected the Proto Core: A simple, accessible space that centralizes access to every one of your home’s major systems and amenities.

You can inspect, replace, upgrade, and update all of the major systems of your home, right from the core without even entering the home.

It encloses:

  • The heating and cooling system, including furnace, and air distributors. 
  • The entire electrical distribution system with transformers, panels, and solar connection.
  • Built-in smart home technology and security system to optimize infrastructure usage.
  • Water, sewer, and gas distribution, including toilets and fire suppression.


We understand that the infrastructure of a modern home needs to be able to grow and adapt to the technology of the future. Since everything can be replaced easily, the Proto Core contributes to the longevity and sustainability of the home.

It simply cannot become outdated.

Plus, it has some additional and unexpected perks. Experts can come to your home to diagnose issues without having to venture through your bedrooms, bathrooms, and other private spaces the way they do today. It’s all there in one spot, and it can all happen outside of your living space.

With that in mind, pinpointing an issue in the Proto Core often takes just minutes. And no matter what the problem may be, you’ll never have to tear up walls, floors, or ceilings.


With the Proto Core, the “Little Things” Won’t Get You – Or Your Home – Down

The traditional model of home ownership has been a battle of the owner against the elements. Rain, snow, heat, and other issues have been seen as unavoidable facts of life. “Little things” accumulate and problems get worse.

Under that model, people either begrudgingly deal with it at great cost and inconvenience or they wait for an emergency to rear its head. There is simply no middle ground.

What if there was a way for your home to get better with age? We believe it’s possible. It just takes a change in perspective.

Home ownership should be exciting, full of possibilities, with a home that will always be able to adapt to your changing tastes and needs. Through it all, your infrastructure should stay reliable – and that’s the heart of the matter.

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