Built to Design – Fully Custom Prefab Home Interiors

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Built to Design – Fully Custom Prefab Home Interiors

 When you think of your dream home, what do you imagine first?

While you might be able to see your home’s exterior in your mind’s eye, most people will agree that what makes a house a home really comes from the inside. You picture the layout of your living room, the tile in your kitchen, your floors, and the color and furniture choices that make your home distinctly yours.

These features are truly at the heart of anybody’s “dream home.” So, it’s reasonable to ask the question: Can a prefabricated home deliver your precise design wants and needs?

The answer is yes – and it all comes down to our unique “Built to Design” approach.

Built to Design Is the Perfect Marriage of Custom & Prefab

Decades ago, when prefab homes were just starting to gain interest, they had many technology and design limitations. The idea was there, but the execution still had a long way to go!

One area where early prefab homes left something to be desired was the interior.

Most prefab home manufacturers had several floor plans to choose from, but the configuration of floor space and selection of finishes was often fixed.

To make a long story short, there was no way to create your very own dream home with the prefab homes of the day. That is, unless you had the exact same dream as your prefab builder!

The thing is this same problem still holds true today:

Most prefab home builders do not offer you all that much choice when it comes to the customization of your new home.

We talk to people every day about designing their dream prefab home. And a concern that comes up again and again is that most people are unsure whether a prefab home is actually able to be customized on the interior to the degree that they want.

This is why we created the Built to Design concept.

prefab home open plan living space

The goal of Built to Design is to make a prefab home that provides even greater flexibility than what conventional residential construction allows.

Built to Design is built on three major concepts:

  • The exterior of the home is practical, modern, and attractive – built for longevity.
  • The interior meets all of your goals for bedrooms, bathrooms, and their relationship.
  • The details of the interior, including all the finishes, is your blank canvas.


With Proto Homes, you never have to feel as if you’re living in someone else’s house. That’s because all of the major decisions about the interior are always yours to make.

The Built to Design Platform Allows you to Build your Dream Prefab Home

Choosing the look and feel of your new home is fun and exciting. On the other hand, worrying about details like structural soundness, waterproofing, and infrastructure is not!

Built to Design is referred to as a “platform” because it is a platform upon which you can create the home of your dreams. We build, you design.

A major turning point in any Proto Homes project is the start of this design phase.

Before interiors are set up, your experts take care of all the following:

  • The home’s complete structural and architectural system.
  • Waterproofing, the outer envelope, the roof, and drainage.
  • All of the infrastructural systems that provide comfort.


Then, you have the opportunity to launch into your own complete interior design plan.

You and only you choose all interior finishes. Cabinets, flooring, countertops, and more are yours to select. This brings fun, excitement, and enjoyment into the prefab experience.

It also provides some interesting opportunities not available in other prefab concepts – or even in most conventional homes.

Built to Design Makes Prefab More Flexible Than Conventional Homes

With traditional construction, deep customization of your home requires equally deep pockets. Many forms of customization are restricted to a premium price point out of most buyers’ reach.

Not so with the Built to Design concept.

There are several ways customization can be much easier with Built to Design.

Professional Soundproofing

Soundproofing provides practical value for many different activities. However, it comes with a heavy toll in time, effort, and expense when you need to open up the walls to get it done.

No one wants to rip open the walls of their brand new home to install soundproofing materials. After all, you invested in a house, not a “project.” And so, features like these are often forgotten.

Built to design solves this problem. If you have a music studio, a home theater, or even a playroom you expect to produce a lot of noise, now you can have the soundproofing you really want.

Any Look for Your Interior

There’s a misconception that a prefab home has to have a certain minimalistic and modern aesthetic.

With a Proto Homes interior, you truly have the flexibility to create any type of interior you want. While the space originally begins with an “open concept,” that is simply so your vision for the space can shine through. There’s no limit to what that can be.

Your Prefab Home, Your Way. Limited Only by Your Imagination

It goes without saying that we all want to live in a space that reflects our taste, and fits our lifestyle.

Now, you can own a prefab home, with no need to compromise on either.

The ideal prefab “framework” comes as close as possible to perfecting architecture and engineering so that your home can be worry-free, seamless, and personalized exactly the way you want it.

With Proto Homes, the biggest complaint about prefab homes is now a thing of the past. 

Contact us today to find out more. We’ll be glad to show you what prefab can do.

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