PREFAB LOANS: Financing the Construction of Prefab Homes

How to Finance a Prefab Home

PREFAB LOANS: Financing the Construction of Prefab Homes

Proto Homes has been building prefab homes in California since 2011, but it wasn’t until recently that demand began to skyrocket. Thanks to our smart technology, environmentally-friendly construction, high-quality products, lower overall costs, and the speed at which we are able to build, there is now unprecedented demand from home buyers, investors, and real estate developers. 

Using off-site construction technology for our system-built homes presents new advantages and new opportunities.

A New Opportunity for Fix and Flip Investors

Since prefab homes are cost-effective and take far less time to complete than traditional homes, they present a new opportunity for fix-and-flip developers to optimize a specific site or expand into ground-up construction for spec and rental projects. With factory precision and predictability, a developer using Proto Homes’ prefab technology can complete more projects in less time while maintaining both quality standards and investment returns.

“On our Carson project, we were able to achieve cash on cash return of over 60%.   

If we had decided against financing the project with Anchor Loans and use all cash, the return on the cash investment would have only been 16% and we would have been limited to only doing one project at a time.”

– Moe Ghazi, Developer/Mortgage Broker

Proto Homes - Anchor Loans - Prefab Loans for Fix and Flip

Proto Homes has been working in close partnership with Anchor Loans for the past five years. Together, a wealth of knowledge and experience grew out of funding prefab home projects while helping consumers, developers, and investors gain access to the financing they needed. 

After dozens of projects together, we realized that a new kind of loan was required; one that catered to the adjusted timelines, process, and budget of prefab home construction.

Financing Prefab Homes for Fix and Flip by Anchor Loans and Proto Homes

Demand Creates an Opportunity for a New, Innovative Financial Solution

A PREFAB LOAN is the only loan available to date that is specifically designed to finance a new project with Proto Homes. 

With this new loan solution, any qualifying real estate developer or investor is now able to gain access to additional cost savings if they choose to finance their Proto Homes projects through Anchor Loans using a PREFAB LOAN.

How to Finance a Prefab Home

Smart Building and Smart Loans Make the Perfect Combo

Traditional home building is an unpredictable, lengthy, and expensive process. Up until recently, the same could be said for conventional financing solutions for prefab homes. There has never been a loan explicitly designed to meet the needs of investors and developers utilizing prefab technology. 

We have always strived to reinvent the process of home building, and securing financing is a key part of that process. Our partnership with Anchor Loans and the PREFAB LOAN program is an important step in streamlining the entire process. We are excited to announce this new financing path and look forward to continuing our partnership with Anchor Loans to provide you with the most innovative home building solutions. 

Read the Press Release here to learn more about how you can secure a PREFAB LOAN or email to schedule a call or meeting to discuss how we can help you finance and build your new prefab project.

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