Please meet El Proto Loco

Proto homes rooster named El Proto Loco

Please meet El Proto Loco

A few months ago,  on a regular Monday morning our team was surprised to hear a loud and clear Cock-a-doodle-doo. At first we thought that someone had a new ringtone on their smartphone or it was a sound of an alarm. However it turned out to be  an actual rooster, standing right outside of the front door in the parking lot, looking rather sad and thin. Team Proto instantly fell in love with this lovely creature and he was immediately spoiled to all the crackers we could possibly find around the office.  We did not expect the rooster to stay, and were worried that some stray cat might hunt him down. Nevertheless, the next morning the rooster was still there, greeting us with his Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!  It looked like he decided to make our factory and parking lot his new home.  Our leading architect, Karen Mitri, came up with a wonderful name “EL PROTO LOCO”!

Rooster entering your life means that you have something to accomplish and the time to “rise and shine” is now!

According to Native American beliefs, The vigilant Rooster alerts you to new and unique opportunities. Associated with the dawn and springtime, Rooster is a sign of good health, prosperity and beginnings.

“We think that everything happens for reason and   El Proto Loco embodies the fighting spirit of Team Proto to disrupt the homebuilding industry and make room for a new generation of homes that are smart, modern and green” Frank Vafaee, CEO of Proto Homes (pictured below with El Proto Loco).


Proto homes pet rooster named El Proto Loco





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