Do Prefab Homes Last as Long as Regular Homes?

Do Prefab Homes Last as Long as Regular Homes? Find out all about how much longer your new home could actually last!

Do Prefab Homes Last as Long as Regular Homes?

One big question comes up again and again when people think prefab homes:

How Long Do They Last, Really?

Any savvy home-buyer should be asking this. After all, you want your home to stand the test of time. It needs to meet your needs and do the same for future generations.

Here in Los Angeles, people are especially alert to what it means when the things that are “built to last” don’t really live up to those high expectations. Aging homes, roads, bridges – in short, infrastructure problems – cause some of the worst headaches Angelenos face.

You don’t want your home to end up with the same troubles, so it’s important to look at the big picture. Here’s the first piece of the puzzle: Well-built prefab homes use many of the same construction methods as conventional structures. Maintained well, they can last about 35 years.

When you think about it, though, 35 years isn’t much. You’d pay a mortgage on an average home for about that long. You want it to go further, right?

How would you feel about a home that can last up to 300 years?

With Proto Homes, unique construction and design principles make it possible. We go beyond today’s best practices to integrate proprietary technology and a new vision for longevity.

A Home That Lasts for Centuries? Proto Homes Makes It Happen.

Our methods ensure your home will be safe and comfortable for centuries. Yes, centuries!

The old way of making a structure last longer was simple: Make everything bigger, thicker, and heavier. It worked in the past – today, we have more elegant solutions.

Our goal is to make your structure easy to repair and maintain. That means it not only lasts longer, but it’s much less expensive to own.

By bringing together top minds in engineering and architecture, we’ve laser-focused on three areas that damage a home and weaken it over time.

They are:


In the average home, things that go first are part of the infrastructure: Plumbing, electric, climate control, and everything else that makes your home comfortable.

Infrastructure is usually spread throughout the house, including the walls and floors – and that makes it hard to get at. Diagnosing problems is difficult, and tearing up walls to make repairs is costly and time-consuming.

For all those reasons, many homeowners put off important repairs. Eventually, systems that could have been fixed break down and need to be replaced.

Proto Homes is different. Our big idea: Robust infrastructure all embedded in one place.

That comes in the form of the Proto Core, a central space to access every system in the home.

An expert can perform all repairs and replacements from the Proto Core without even entering the house. Any and every infrastructural issue can be fixed quickly with minimal effort.


A home’s envelope is everything that protects its outer surface – like the roofing, the waterproofing, and the thin, flexible membrane that helps buildings bear weight.

In traditional structures and most prefab homes, the envelope is vulnerable to leaking. This is because the envelope on most homes closely follows all the different contours of the building.

Each joint and curve is a place where water can get in, causing damage.

Proto Homes never leak, because the envelope of each home lays straight up and down. There are no high-stress areas that can buckle or warp.


For prefab homes, an optimized structure is vital. A good structure has to be sound and stable. Simplicity is the key. In our designs, everything unnecessary has been stripped away so you can enjoy the power that’s unlocked when you focus on the essentials.

With Proto Homes, the structural system is made entirely out of replaceable materials. The core of our concept is engineered lumber that’s strong and flexible. Every one of our prefab homes is crafted to be top-light and bottom-heavy, enhancing stability from top to bottom.

Structure also makes a tremendous difference when it comes to daily life in your home.

Most prefabricated homes are assembled at a factory and then moved by truck to a final location. This makes the load large and unwieldy, limiting the total size of your home to what roads and highways will bear. By contrast, Proto Homes uses a modern, system-built design.

Because our homes are assembled piece by piece at the final site, they can be virtually any size. Your prefab home is only limited by your budget and vision for your dream home.

Many prefabricated homes also have low rooflines that can contribute to a squat, cramped feeling. Not so with Proto Homes. We want you to enjoy the breezy, free-flowing spaces and soaring ceilings of today’s most popular home designs, and we’ve brought them to you.

With Proto Homes, your ceiling can reach as high as 24 feet. That makes every room that much more spacious and welcoming – it’s another one of Proto Homes’ signatures.

You’ll See the Proto Homes Difference in Every Inch of Your New Home

Sound complicated? Distill it down to the basics and our philosophy is simple.

Every one of our prefab homes includes:

  • Robust, replaceable infrastructure centered in one place.
  • A remarkably strong, stable, and simple structural system.
  • A “bullet-proof” outer envelope that guards against moisture.

With our combination of vision and technology, Proto Homes is the future of homes … literally, because yours will still be around in 2318.

And what about the interior? We don’t tell you what to do with your countertops, cabinets, or anything else. Your home isn’t just your castle – it’s your canvas.

With Proto Homes, the building is there forever. The rest is up to you.

To find out more or get started, get in touch with us today.

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