Why Building Smarter Is Good for Contractors and Good for Homebuyers

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Why Building Smarter Is Good for Contractors and Good for Homebuyers

When building a home, homeowners are often intimidated by some of the aspects that come with working with a contractor. They want to find a builder they can trust – one that will meet their commitment and adhere to agreed-upon timelines and budgets.

On the flip side, builders face a multitude of their own challenges. They typically are juggling multiple projects with a complex mix of subcontractors, while striving to keep labor and material costs down, remove bottlenecks, and accelerate the rate at which they can build. Doing so allows them to pass these savings onto their clients, while at the same time increasing their profitability, allowing Proto Homes to benefit.

Complexity is practically hard-wired into construction, and most consumers are overwhelmed. They learn that they need to manage the unexpected because it is inevitable that things can and will go wrong on every job site. But wouldn’t it be better for everybody if it were possible to radically reduce the amount of unforeseen difficulties at a job site?

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What Does Building Smarter Really Mean?

Building Smart means creating a more thoughtful and streamlined construction process for everyone.

So how do you Build Smarter? The first thing you need is a more process-based approach. For example, even though every site and home is unique, following a proven process will streamline all aspects of a project.

Not only that, it is typical to have a lot of really technical work taking place right at the site. Endless cuts are made to lumbar and materials that require a high degree of attention to detail. Moving this “production” work to a factory with controlled conditions and more accurate machinery yields a much tighter overall structure. It also means fewer errors that need to be fixed or re-done, which all equates to a shorter build time.

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Homeowners Get Big Savings and a Proven Timeline

System-built homes like ours help eliminate cost surprises and long delays in the home building. In the end, that means a smoother and more cost-effective experience for everybody.

The average assembly time on a single-family home is just 48 days. We have a process that allows for predictable costs and timelines once the design is determined. 

If you’re thinking about price, consider this as well: shortening the timeline from the day you sign your lease to the moment your house is finished can make all the difference in the world. You have to think not only about your temporary living arrangement while you wait for your home to be completed, but also paying the mortgage on the land each month. If you’re building in a city like Los Angeles, you already know just how high those additional costs can be.

If you’re planning on flipping a newly built home, completing your project within a shorter timeline has a huge impact on your return on investment.

In every scenario, a shorter timeline directly and positively impacts the overall cost of building your home.

Experienced builders using our technology can save months.

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No Extra Permitting Headaches

Permitting for new construction is a huge headache in big cities like Los Angeles. It is essential to avoid unnecessary delays.

Proto Homes are classified as conventional type-5 construction. There’s no need to involve state or federal inspection processes. Type-5 just means standard site built homes – nothing out of the ordinary, and so local authorities follow standard inspections and permitting.

No Access Issues

Also, standard modular homes are driven in by truck and put in place with a large crane, so they can’t be too tall or wide. This can often mean access issues, which can become another expensive problem.

Proto Homes are different: our components are assembled on-site, and access for these components is a non-issue.

Homes That Are Perfect for You, and for Your Land

No one wants to buy that perfect parcel of land, and not be able to take full advantage of it. Your home should fit to the exact size that you want it to be, and that is legally allowed on your property.

That’s where we’re different from modular – our homes have so many different possible configurations, that they’re practically guaranteed to work with your parcel of land.

Plus, your home’s interior is 100% yours to create: Flooring, cabinets, countertops etc – it’s all yours to design and curate, just the way you want.

Smarter Infrastructure

Finally, there’s infrastructure. That’s what makes your home truly upgradeable.

The Proto Core keeps all of your major systems in one place. This means that your heating, cooling, electrical, water, plumbing, security, wi-fi and more are all housed in one smart space that is above ground and easily accessible.

And as technology changes, it can easily be integrated, so that your home’s technology always remains current.

Contractors Get Scale and More Predictable Projects

Scaling a business is one of the major challenges that contractors face. After all, they can’t scale unless they can handle more projects. And they can’t handle more projects without the right systems in place.

But with the right systems, the sky’s the limit.

We are now able to streamline the home building process in ways that were impossible before.

Our innovations allow for:

  • Fewer workers at the job site, which means more profitable projects and a lower risk of no-shows and labor shortages.
  • Accelerated timelines which means that more projects can be completed.
  • Reduced costs on all sides.
  • Happy clients who don’t get hit with unexpected delays or unexpected costs.

When It Comes to Building a Home, Everyone Agrees on Speed and Savings

When all is said and done, the things that benefit home buyers also benefit builders.

The more builders save, the more of those savings they can pass on to their customers. The faster builders go, the easier it is for customers to buy, and the less they have to uproot their lives.

All complex devices – from your phone to your car to just about everything that exists inside your home – are built using high standards and exact processes. We think it’s high time that this same mindset be adapted to a new kind of modern home: A system-built Proto Home.

And when you see the benefits, we think you’ll agree with us:

Whether you’re buying or building, Building Smarter makes a whole lot of sense.

Contact us to find out if system-built construction is right for you!

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