Is it Really Possible to Build a Home in Half the Time?

Is it Really Possible to Build a Home in Half the Time?

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to build a home?

Once you’ve made the decision to build your own home, you want it ready ASAP – and there’s a lot of good reasons why.

The longer you have to wait, the more trouble you face:

  • You’ll be paying the mortgage during construction on top of the rent or additional mortgage you’re already paying where you currently reside.
  • You could be in limbo on your living plans or your expected rental income for much longer than expected.
  • The longer the construction process, the more likely it is that your contractor will take on more projects that can start pulling them away from your project.
  • All the while, you’re paying a premium on your unused land … especially here in Los Angeles!


Unfortunately, most of us are used to the idea that building a home takes a long time. We brace for delays and cost overruns that we feel are part and parcel of a custom built home…

And we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Build your home in half the time

What Makes Home Construction Take So Long, Anyway?

A few different problems make construction a pain for homeowners:

Contractor Delays

The bigger the crew needed to complete your home, the more delays there’ll be. Contractors run into issues with workers not showing up all the time. Plus, they have to coordinate schedules with skilled labor like electricians and plumbers.


Weather is a big factor in most of the United States – although thankfully not so much here in sunny Los Angeles! All around the country, people plan their home construction around the seasons to avoid heavy rain and snow. If things get started late or run long, months can be lost.

People hear about contractors taking their time on jobs. But that’s not the biggest problem.

The biggest source of construction delays is …

Changes in the Plan for Your House

Most times, home construction doesn’t kick off with a complete plan.

Changes are made all the time … sometimes every day … for weeks or months.

These changes might be big or small, but each one tacks on time.

Even something small – changing the size of a window – means materials that builders pre-ordered are no longer correct and won’t arrive on time. Say you decide to add a new room during construction. Big changes mean permits have to be revisited, taking months.

Of course, homeowners should have complete control over the comforts their house offers. But there is a better way to do things, that can cut your construction times in half.

Proto Offers a Home Construction Timeline You Can Set Your Watch By

Our unique process makes life easier. All of your options for the rooms, layout, and exterior of your home are at your fingertips from the start. Designs are finalized before permitting and components are manufactured before construction. All of this means that there are no changes in the field, the biggest reason for project delays.

That means a prefab home with Proto Homes gets done faster and stays on budget.

Most people haven’t experienced that … but once you do, you’ll never want to go back.

Every step of the way, you get efficiency and speed without sacrificing quality. And when your home is complete, it’ll truly be your dream home, just the way you like it.

Here’s how:

Our Design Process Doesn’t Start With a Blank Slate

Yes, it represents limitless potential… But where do you get started?

At Proto Homes, we don’t expect homeowners to come in and reinvent the wheel. You’ll begin by choosing a home layout that meets your needs from our large library of floor plans.

You start with:

  • A home with the right rooms, room sizes, stories, and layout to suit your lifestyle.
  • A home with the perfect footprint to get the most out of your land while at the same time providing you with a beautiful modern living space.
  • A home that can easily fit all the features and personalized options you want.


Speaking of personalized, that’s one place your creativity really gets to shine.

Our design experts will sit down with you to guide you through the process of tailoring the home to you. That includes widening spaces, adding or moving rooms, and anything else you can come up with, all to your heart’s content.

So much of the critical work is done before you start, you can focus on what matters to you.

And that gives you even more control over your timeline.

If you’re the kind of person who needs time to think it over, no problem. You’ll have everything you need to really see how your new home will come together. With our advice every step of the way, you can make choices based on what you really want – not what you’re willing to live with.

Build your home in half the time

Phased Construction Makes Things Faster

Once you decide on Proto, everything takes off.

Consider these average timelines:

  • 4-6 weeks for your design.
  • 2-4 months for permitting.
  • 2 weeks to manufacture parts.
  • 2 weeks for your foundation.


In four more weeks, you’ll see your house completed to the point that you can start finishing your interior, as you choose.

Your new home can be completed in as little as six months.

Because our components for constructing your house are delivered to the site, where they are 100% assembled to construct your house, you don’t have to go through the HDC (Housing Department of California) permitting process that happens with other types of prefab housing – which means less red tape for you.

In LA, Santa Monica, Culver City, Burbank, and Pasadena, things go even faster.

Officials there have seen our projects and know what to expect.

Lenders love it, too. On-site construction means less risk and worries for them.

Materials arrive in phases, making construction even more of a smooth and easy process. We only need five people to put our premade, pre-sized components together – half the size of a typical crew. Our standardized methods mean everyone arrives knowing exactly what to do.

Yes, It Really Is Possible to Build a Home in Half the Time

From start to finish, on average our 3500 square foot home takes 6-8 weeks to build. That includes the foundational structure, all of the homes core infrastructure, and a fully completed exterior, including all of your doors, windows, roof and more.

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